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    What We're Building

    The Field to Freezer™ App

    Welcome to our patent-pending ordering process. Below is a walkthrough of our plan for the app (currently in development).

    Processor Search

    Features to include geo-location, searches by name, type of game/animal, type of product (brats, bacon, polish sausage, etc.), and location.

    Filter Options

    Filter options will allow users to filter Processor listings based on the type of products they make.

    Processor Landing Page

    Processors with Express Line ordering will have enhanced, integrated menus within the App. Listings will display popular products, packaging variations, and eventually reviews.

    Create an Account

    Create an Account to save your order preferences.

    Add a Payment Method

    Add a Payment Method to make payment to Processor prior to delivering your game to their location.

    Type of Game

    Field to Freezer is designed to support multiple types of game animals and domestic livestock. Initial development is focused on Whitetail Deer.

    Log Your Deer Information

    Enter information for each animal you are going to process. This includes estimated weight, processing options such as “keep hide”, and information on how / where the animal was shot. (Certain shots will affect processing options including butchered cuts.)

    Select Preferred Cuts

    Select cuts of meat you wish from your animal. Different processors may have different options for cutting, and, availability of cuts will be affected by damage to your animal.

    Available Meat

    An approximate amount of available meat will be calculated for processing. If you have multiple animals, you may add additional animal information at this time, which will be done on the previous screens.

    Processing Menu

    Select the processed options you want to order from the Processor’s menu.

    Menu Configurator

    Our patent-pending ordering process includes a sliding-scale configurator, which allows users to select the amount of finished, processed product by estimated weight or percentage. Users may prioritize the items they wish to order, in the event their animal doesn’t yield what they are expecting. Estimated costs are calculated dynamically, which will provide a user with real-time feedback on processing costs.

    Grind Options

    Meat not selected for processing will be available to grind. Different processors have different grind options, including the type of filler available.

    Order Review

    The user may review their order and accept processing terms.

    Order Confirmation

    Once the processing down payment and service fee is collected, an order confirmation will be sent via email and/or text message. Provide the confirmation number to your processor at the Express Line drop-off.