Processor Dashboard

After announcing our Field to Freezer App in the Fall of 2019, we were contacted immediately by processors interested in what we were building and shared their “pain points” and struggles with us.

While we intend to extend Field to Freezer on an ongoing basis, our immediate features with the system include:

    • A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that minimizes processors’ investments in computer hardware and onsite maintenance.
    • The ability to scan a customer’s QR code submitted through the App to retrieve order details and quickly generate labels.
    • An Express Line feature for processors with associated signage, that allows retail customers to quickly jump into the ordering process and enter their order information without standing in a long line.
    • The ability to maintain a processor’s product menu and adjust pricing.   While Field to Freezer assists processors with their initial setup, processors have the flexibility to modify products and pricing through their administrative tools.
    • An alternative to “bankers boxes” for storing order history, and pen-and-paper for taking orders.   This is particularly important in southern regions or for bowhunters, who may drop off several animals over the course of the season – a processor can easily look up a customer’s past orders without having to page through sheets of paper to find an order.

Additionally, processors are given the ability to:

    • enter orders manually that are submitted at point-of-sale.
    • review orders that are submitted by hunters and customers prior to processing to identify any potential “gotchas.”
    • adjust submitted orders and associated animal and trim weights as they are weighed and adjust orders accordingly.
    • split an order so portions can be picked up at different times.
    • handle multiple drop-off and pick-up points.
    • document an animal that is dropped off.   This is particularly helpful if the animal has been damaged heavily, and a processor has concerns over the amount of available meat on the animal.   Additionally, this helps when an animal is dropped off that requires a cleaning charge.   This can be very time consuming for a processor, and, the ability to document an animal through pictures is important.  Documentation in the form of photos as well as notes typed into the application are possible with Field to Freezer.
    • reach out to a customer and provide them with an order status through text message, email, and automated voice call.
    • collect down-payments of varying amounts by animal for participating processors through their merchant accounts.
    • do Batch Processing. (early Fall 2020.)  Track orders going into a batch and associated status.
    • a mechanism for tracking skinning services.   For processors that pay skinners on a per-animal basis, features are included to track the number of skins produced by employee.
    • generate labels.   (early Fall 2020.)   Field to Freezer offers labeling through select compatible thermal transfer printers, and printed on a durable, waterproof, synthetic stock in several label sizes, accommodating one or more carcass tags as well as labels which can accompany trays during order processing.
    • accept online payments as orders are completed.
    • Integration with popular accounting pages such as Quickbooks. (late 2020/early 2021.)


Process Dashboard Main Screen

This screen allows a quick review of incoming orders requiring approval or coming in for drop-off.   Additionally, a convenient menu on the left side of the page allows processors to add additional orders or perform other functions.


All Orders Screen

Allows the processor to quickly review orders and sort based on order status.


Edit Order Page

Allows the processor to change order status, collect payments, document damage, view photos, split orders, contact customers through text message, email, and automated voice calls.