The Express Line

Field to Freezer represents a new way to place orders with meat processors – streamlining the ordering process through a patented App and application.


For years, hunters have wondered:

    • How do I find a processor that has the products I want?
    • What did I have my animal processed the last time?
    • Why do I have to wait in line so long?
    • How much meat is my animal going to give me?
    • What’s the estimated price of my order?
    • How come I always seem to order too much of one thing, but not enough of the other?
    • When’s my order going to be ready?


Meat Processors have had questions of their own:

    • Why can’t hunters understand that if they drag their gutted deer through swamp water or leave it out all day it’s going to taste gamey or be spoiled?
    • A hunter gut-shot their deer and blew out its front shoulder, and are upset that they’re getting less meat than they expected.  How do I explain this?
    • Some products I make, such as sausages, have filler meat added to us, but shrink when they’re cured or smoked.  How do I explain the amount of meat a hunter is getting back?
    • How am I going to follow-up with the 3000 customers who have ordered processing in a reasonable timeframe?


How Field to Freezer Works for You

Field to Freezer is designed to take the guesswork out of the ordering process, and answer questions like these, providing a better experience for hunters, customers, and meat processors alike.

Field to Freezer works with processors who process wild game such as deer, as well as processors who process wild game and domesticated animals such as beef, hog, and sheep, and other domesticated animals who are set up with our Express Line service.

Our system is modular, allowing processors to turn features on or off.  This allows us to provide features for processors in different regions and with different business processes.

For example, whitetail deer are generally larger in the northern states and in some western areas.   In the southern United States, deer seasons are generally longer and there may be a wider range of wild game processed.   Western processors often have larger variations of types of animals processed, and get more “exotics”.    Some processors require down-payments for processing, others do not.

Field to Freezer is flexible, and can be tailored to an individual processor’s needs, to present the customer experience to their customers that they’re looking for.

We start our ordering process through our search tools.  Our search tools provide the largest, for-purpose, wild game and domesticated processor database online.   Our processor information is updated regularly, and our Premium Processors and Express Line processors can be easily located through special badging and icons.

Once a user creates an account and signs in, they select the type of animal they want to have processed, and other information such as services required, such as skinning, gutting, or “cooler deer” or deboned.   Other services such as antlers cut, caping, and other items are configurable on a processor by processor basis.


Processing Menu

After information is added for one or more animal, Field to Freezer customers can select items from a processor’s specific menu.   Depending on the processor, additional information is also available showing “wet weight” of product as well as “delivered weight” of product.   Products such as jerky, for example, take a lot more meat by weight when processing is started than what the dehydrated weight is when processing is complete.


Build Your Order

Our “secret sauce” is in our “Build Your Order” screen.   While features may vary based on processor, Build Your Order allows customers and hunters to:

    • Adjust estimated yields of meat from animals, and shows how much meat has been used on the order based on products selected.
    • Specify the “must have” items by weight.   For example, “I have to have more of that sausage this year than I did last year.   I’ll set it to 10 pounds.”
    • Split animals across multiple products based on percentage.
    • Specify a “nice to have” for any extra meat that’s left over.   For example, “it would sure be nice if I could try some of those snack sticks this year and see if I like them.”

When orders are complete, Processors can easily contact customers through their Processor Dashboard, by text message, email, and automated voice call.