Field to Freezer #meatings : Visiting with some great meat processors in Alabama

Posted on October 17th, 2020

One important aspect of Field to Freezer has been meeting with and learning about meat processors in different parts of the country.   Our initial view of meat processing was from a very “Wisconsin” perspective.   That is, Wisconsin has a very short gun-deer season, and we generally experience very long lines at drop-off points.   Additionally, issues caused by CWD has caused some processors to not take wild game anymore, and other ones to get overloaded as people look for different places to have their wild game processed.

We sent out a “Season’s Meatings” card to about 1,500 processors, and immediately heard back from processors from around the country.

It became clear to us that we needed to get out and meet some of these processors and learn more about their businesses.

2020, which has certainly been an interesting year for everyone, gave us the opportunity to visit processors in the Southeast, North, and Western States.   We’ve driven almost 10,000 miles across the country, with a little over 5,000 being pre-COVID.  We look forward to introducing you to the great people we’ve met along the way in the coming months.

These people are true artisans in what they prepare.   Some businesses are generations old.   Other ones are newer.    Everyone has a secret recipe and something that they’re known for.  If you’re fortunate enough to get to try some samples at any one of them, you’re a lucky person indeed!

Many of these processors are “cutting edge” and looking to make their customers’ lives easier through Field to Freezer.

Our first trip in 2020 took us towards Alabama.

Let’s get started…