Field to Freezer #meatings : Learning about processors from around the country

Posted on August 23rd, 2020

We sent out a mailing to meat processors in December, 2019, about the system we were building, called “Season’s Meatings.”    We figured we’d have a little fun with things, and took the opportunity to introduce ourselves along with provide some mockups of the system we have been building out.   We received some great feedback, and, it was clear to us that the best way to learn about processors’ needs was to get out and meet with them.

This has been an adventure that has taken us over 5000 miles in 2020, much of the travel so-far being pre-COVID.    The primary thing that we learned was what we’ve been working on is needed in the industry, and it needed to be flexible, to allow for variations in wild game and domesticated meat processing based on the type of business, and area of the country.

We look forward to telling you about our trip in the coming weeks, and introducing you to some awesome people we’ve met along the way.

#meatprocessing #hunting