A Sunday cookout with Arapahoe Meat Processing, Henderson Meat Processing, and PS Seasoning

Posted on October 11th, 2020

We took an opportunity last weekend during our football team’s bye-week to have some family over for a cookout.    We had plenty of food, and some great products from processors we had met in a recent #meatings trip to Colorado and Wyoming for appetizers.

Some Great Jerky from Arapahoe Meat Processing, Lafayette, Colorado

We recently visited with Dustin Goodew, owner of Arapahoe Meat Processing in Lafayette, Colorado, who’s in the process of implementing our Field to Freezer Express Line, for an speedy drop-off experience for his customers.    When asked about customers’ customers’ favorite products, he and his sister Lisa immediately mentioned their jerky.    We’ll be featuring Arapahoe in an upcoming #meatings blog post, but wanted to take this opportunity to mention their great beef jerky.

Arapahoe Meat Company Jerky

It was a real treat to have this again, as I was fortunate to have some of it in our #meatings trip back in January.

Araphahoe Meat Processing processes wild game, beef, and other domestics.

To get in touch with Dustin and Arapahoe Meat Processing, visit their page at: https://fieldtofreezer.com/game_processor/colorado/arapahoe-meat-company/

Treats from Henderson Meat Processing, Urie, Wyoming

We had the pleasure of spending time with Kesly and Logan Ellis, owners of Henderson Meat Processing in Urie and Green River, Wyoming during a recent #meatings trip.

Kesly and Logan took time to walk us through their business, and we look forward to introducing them to you in the future in our of our #meatings articles.

When we asked Kesly what products they are known for, she quickly pointed out their jalapeno beef snack sticks and jerky.  We were blessed to be sent home with some wonderful samples which we shared in our cookout.

Henderson Meat Processing Snack Sticks and Jerky

Henderson Meat Processing Snack Sticks and Jerky

The snack sticks were very flavorful, and they jerky was delicious.

Henderson is in the process of adding our Express Line to their business, and providing their customers a more streamlined order processing experience.   We’ll look forward to introducing you to Kesly and Logan in an upcoming #meatings article.

Henderson Meat Processing processes wild game, beef, and other domestics.   Visit Henderson’s page at: https://fieldtofreezer.com/game_processor/wyoming/henderson-meat-processing/

From the Grill

We’re constantly striving to make a “better burger”, and settled on some nice ground chuck from a store in our area.

(I wished we had some meat from some of the processors we’re working with, but, this will have to do for the time being.)

I prefer ground chuck over sirloin as the higher fat content, in my opinion, leads to a better-tasting burger.   The ground sirloin looks pretty, but, the burgers it tends to yield, in my opinion, tend to look a bit more like hockey-pucks.

After picking everything up and getting the grill fired up, I realized I didn’t have any seasoning handy.

PS Seasoning “The Back Yard” Burger Seasoning

Fortunately, we had picked up one of PS Seasoning’s gift boxes, and hadn’t gifted it yet, so, we broke into it.  (If you’re looking for a great gift for someone, check it out on the PS Seasoning website at: https://www.psseasoning.com/collections/gift-sets/products/the-grillfather-grilling-box )

The finished product turned out great and met with rave reviews!

~Matt McCoy

Field to Freezer